episode iv - a new hope


The latest incarnation of my site is a work in progress, so if I flick between styles for a while never mind eh. I would hope to have the whole site finished soon but don't hold your breath FFS!  The site will be hosted by me, using no-ip (a nice free service for forwarding domains), and hopefully a little php... I'm not holding my breath on learning php too fast either.  Anyway if you do happen to come across this website and you bother to read any of my rambling or if you happen to be Nathan (or Nate) Allen then do contact me, I will post if this site happens to be any more successful than the last.

I have designed a few websites in my time (none of them very good), and my primary consideration has been that it should Google with certain relevant search terms.  To be honest I have always been (relatively) successful.  Back in the day when I 'designed' my first website I decided it was a good idea to use frames.  How wrong I was!  In the beginning (mid 90s) search engines would pick up websites built with frames, there were a few problems but in the main they worked OK.

Then came the monster Google this 'search engine' appears to have taken over the internet and other search engines just appear to re-brand it.  The problem seems to be that Google is smart and that for that reason it doesn't crawl frames pages so  I found my website didn't appear in any searches.   The time came for me to rebuild my site.  Why?  Partly because I can, but mainly because if I can't type 'nate (or nathan) allen bristol england' into a search engine and get my website to appear somewhere in the list (at the top would be good) then my website is entirely pointless and won't succeed in boosting my ego.  Realistically what I want is to type nate allen into Google and appear first (I did for a while on Google UK at least) but I seem to have slipped so its time for a new attack.

Incidentally this website is entirely pointless it is purely to boost my ego and simply consists of a collection of bad jokes I made during the 90s, when the worst spam email you would receive would be 'joke a day'. I also decided to put a few other daft things like the downloads section (which is a couple of dodgy un PC games and a couple of poor quality videos).  I have put this area to use over the years making software (only freeware mind) available to friends that cant find that essential tool they need but they know I have.  The addition of a JPGs area was some pictures of South Park, which were pretty good wallpapers, has now been removed (but may make a comeback...) to be replaced by the most pointless of all of my efforts; a countdowns area.  This area has nothing to do with Channel 4 and is simply a way of me being able to tell how long it is before I go on holiday or how long to Christmas etc.

With regard to the quotes being about drink and not my view well that's not really true and I have to go along with my role model in life with - 'To alcohol! The cause of - and solution to - all of life's problems!'   Here's to you Homer may you still be going strong in another 20 years. Regarding gaining better rank in Google I have just one last thing to say that being 'Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope'.