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Until Back to the future day

Well here is the most pointless part of the Nate Allen web site, the Countdowns page.  This part of the site started off as a bit of a joke with my mate Pat 'Tex' Truitt (and he's not even Texan, but he is quite American).  Anyway he could always tell how long it was to Christmas, so to take the mick a bit I created a web page that would tell him to the second how long it was to midnight Christmas eve (well it impressed us).  After that it sort of became an obsession to create different countdown pages to different events (holidays, major sports events [mainly football {soccer}, and rugby {kind of like football}] or just about anything that took my fancy).  I have even tried writing a Google gadget try adding by url and enter: as the url.

Until Nate and Nat go to the 2015 RWC (Ireland v Canada) Millenium Stadium

Incidentally the countdown script I use on these pages is not one I wrote myself, but why write scripts yourself when there are plenty of people out there that write perfectly good stuff?  Well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it (I am not too lazy to/incapable of writing my own stuff). Although you may notice that the second counters are not synchronised when they should be, and I needed to bodge the time by 4.5 hours to make them even close to UK time. Im not entirely sure why this is but I'll attribute it to server side processing and their clock being wrong...

Countdown to Christmas (Just for you Pat)
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Until Santa will Visit us