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Lets be realistic here, no-one is likely to want to contact me from this page, but you can use this page to find me on facebook or to tweet me but all the same there still is the old fashoined online form if you want it.

I really hate SPAM so when I decided to rewrite my website I put an online form into the design.  There are so many people out there, that want to bombard you with rubbish you really are not interested in, that publishing your email address in plain text on the internet is madness.

Incidentally I have since found that some complete B4574RD5 find it amusing to use a bot to fill out webforms to send you rubbish; so hello to you. I dont need any of your drugs so STOP sending me your mails FFS. By some way of cutting the SPAM I am now using a system called justhumans which is a kind of image verification service, which seems to work quite well for the purpose it was intended (nice).

In fact I can say that I have learned quite a lot about web design over the last few months.  I think since letting my brother use the page design from this site on his (family tree stuff site) and having mostly completed my LeRoc UK project site it is about time to write down more of my ranting about how difficult it is to understand Google.  I may even write about some of the code I used for the sites, and even though it will bore most people silly I don't really care.

Anyway my email address is natedogg [at] blueyonder [dot] co [dot] uk or you can fill out the online form which gets to me just as well.

Nate Allen the Bristol Dogg


Apparently if I'm not fixing a school computer network (trust me 11-18 year old kids KNOW how to break things) I also do a good impression of a used car salesman so if you are in the market for a good little runner, let me know....

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Nate Allen (the Bristol Dogg)